Regret of the Day: Trumpgrets Tumblr is an Exercise in Schadenfreude

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trumgrets tumblr puts schadenfreude first
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We’re about a month out from the election and the transition into a country run by a billionaire reality TV game show host has not been, uh, smooth. When he’s not Tweeting about SNL, making casual calls to Taiwan, or lying about voter fraud, Trump has been disappointing some of his biggest supporters. For the majority of the country, over 65 million voters, who did not vote for Trump, this would be the chance to say “I told you so,” but we’re all in this together now, and, hoo, boy, we better start getting along.

Still, that doesn’t mean the popular voters can’t have a little fun. So in the spirt of “I told you so,” here comes Trumgrets, a running tumblr of people regretting their vote last month. Not much to it than that, but just like the buyer’s remorse here, you get what you paid for.

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