Journalist of the Day: Watch This Squirrel Evade A Canadian Broadcaster’s Questions About Christmas Lights

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cbc reporter questions squirrel about damaged christmas lights in toronto
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Councilman John Filion believes that the squirrels are behind this. He said the city will be installing some squirrel-proof lights so citizens can get “the warm fuzzies.”

The free press marches on.

Journalists speak truth to power — no matter how nuts their subject might be.

via CBC

That’s the case here, when a Canadian reporter tried to talk to a squirrel regarding some damaged Christmas lights. Apparently, squirrels have been chewing through the lights in Mel Lastman Square in Toronto, leaving the area in a holiday blackout. Finally, the citizens of Toronto and Whoville have something in common. Still the pen is mightier than the tooth, and one brave journalist vowed to get to the bottom of this. Watch below as CBC reporter tries to get some answers from this "furry grinch."

via CBC

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