Word of the Day: “Whatever” Voted Most Annoying Word of The Year… *Pst* Whatever

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marist poll says whatever is the most annoying word of the year
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Ok, you disaffected teens, listen up. We all know you’re too cool to care about anything, but frankly, we're sick of having to pretend to be cool around you. We’re tired of raising our hands for a high five only to watch you pull your hand away, run your fingers through your hair, and say that we're "too slow."

And now the tables have turn.

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In a new Marist Poll, “Whatever” was voted as the most annoying word, followed by some other teen favorites, like “no offense, but” and “I can’t even.” What can’t you even? What?!? Please, tell us!

Marist reports: “‘Whatever’ irritates 38% of Americans followed by ‘no offense, but’ with 20%. ‘You know, right’ is irksome to 14% of residents nationally as is ‘I can’t even,’ 14%. “Huge” grates on the nerves of 8% of Americans, and 5% are unsure.”

Take that, teens. But, as it turns out, only olds find “whatever” offensive. 49 percent of Americans over 45 find “whatever offensive.” Then it starts to dip into other offensive youth talk.

“Digging deeper, ‘whatever’ tops the list for those 30 to 44 years old, 33%, Americans 45 to 59 years of age, 48%, and those 60 and older, 49%. Among Americans under 30, ‘I can’t even’ takes top honors with 33%.”

Either way, keep your bad attitude to yourself, teens. And stay off my lawn.

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