Tech of the Day: The Kissenger Gadget Lets You Kiss Your Phone When Your Lover’s Away — Nope, Nothing Sad About That

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kissenger gadget lets you kiss over the internet and smartphone
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Have you ever been alone late at night and dreamed of your lover’s sweet embrace, your lips longing for their's? Did you dream of a cold, lifeless machine that could replicate the feeling of your lips touching?

Dreams come true.

The Kissenger machine, developed by researchers from the Imagineering Lab at City Unviersity in London, allows you to plug your iPhone into a holster that looks like it has a sponge or something on it. You kiss the sponge and “high precision force sensors” measure the “dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss." Then the machine transmits those measurements via the Kissenger iOS app. Your partner recieves the kiss, and persumbly enjoy it. Yup,  totally normal and not weird or sad.

Ok. Let’s see who the website says this is for:

via Kissenger

Now you can kiss your favorite pop star, and they can indulge in your weird fantasy of kissing them. Fine. Let’s see what else is on this site. This picture: 

via Kissenger

Great. Yeah, all this seems on the level.

The Kissenger is still just a prototype and requires a headphone jack to plug into their weird kissing sponge, which means iPhone 7 users are safe for now.

via The Gadget Show

H/T The Verge

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