Flavor of the Day: There Are White Cheesecake M&Ms Now and We’re Powerless to Resist

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mms releasing white cheesecake flavor at walmart for valentines day
Via Delish
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2017 just got a lot sweeter. 

First, there was that whole “Hollyweed” sign, and now this, white cheesecake-flavored M&Ms. It’s like we’re already putting more effort into this year, and we’re putting as much good into the world as possible.

However, Mars candy, the maker of M&Ms, isn’t bearing the brunt of this responsibility to make 2017 the best. They’re merely providing us with a little inspiration. These little round beauties are only available at Walmart through Valentine’s Day, so make the right choice and get your partner something they’ll truly love this year. 

via @theimpuslivebuy

According to Uproxx, cheesecake isn’t the only limited flavor coming to the M&M candy universe (MMCU). This May will see the release of Caramel M&Ms. Thank you for doing your part, Mars candy. 

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