Trip of the Day: Baggage Handler Gets Locked in Cargo and Flies from North Carolina to Washington, DC

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baggage handler locked inside cargo flown from north carolina to dc
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Note to self: This will not get you more frequent flier miles.

According to NBC, a baggage handler accidentally got locked inside the cargo hold of a plane and was flown from Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC on Sunday. Hey, it beats coach! Airline food is bad! Ugh, security, can’t I keep my belt on? Ok. Got all the flying jokes out.

NBC reports that it’s still unknown as to how he got in there or how anyone found out about him, but it’s still be treating like a security issue.

And what about this? Who wouldn’t rather take the cargo hold than have an Angelica Pickles behind you?

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The handler, luckily, was ok. The cabin was pressurized, and he refused medical attention upon landing. But that’s more than I can say for that antique vase that I was forced to check! Air travel is the worst! Coach! Ok. No more of airline material. 

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