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Some of the Best Animal Moments of All Time

  • 1

    The 2020 Number 1 Pick Is... This Chicken

    gif of a chicken playing with a basketball
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  • 2

    Russia is Training Penguins For Special Missions... First Step - Follow The Bright Light

    gif of penguins following a dot of light on the wall
  • 3

    This Monkey Is Very Insistent On Getting a Goodbye Kiss From His Fling

    gif of a monkey kissing a cat
  • 4

    Ooohooohooohoohooo Wipeout

    gif of a dog slamming into a little girl
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  • 5

    Cat 0 Tissuebox 1

    gif of a cat getting its head stuck in a tissue box
  • 6

    Google Thought This Was a Manatee

    gif of a pig playing in a tiny pool
  • 7

    This Monkey Just Got His Mind Blown

    gif of a monkey and a man arguing
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  • 8

    That'll Teach em' to Mess With Things Smaller Than Them

    gif of cat running away from a crab


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