This Women Suffers From GGMR - Otherwise Known As Gotta Get More Rats

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GGMR - or Gotta Get More Rats - could be the most curious case of illness seen in quite some time. And no, this isn't something we made up, it's a moniker thought up by people in the rat loving community who are addicted to rats. Chantel Banks, the woman in the video above, maintains a household complete with 19 long tailed rodents otherwise known as rats. When she's not busy "huffing" her pets (a word she uses to describe pressing the rodents against her nose and mouth and deeply inhaling their scent into her lungs) she's studying their personalities in order to cater to their every whim. The crazy pet lifestyle she's living has put quite a burden on her marriage since Chantal has decided to move into a separate apartment away from her husband in order to create space for more rodents. Via: The Ranker

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