Smash Mouth's "All Star" Translated Into Aramaic and Back Into English Proves The Song is a Timeless Banger

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    Text - The Slightly Irreverent Jennifer Ma... @MaglioJen Follow Someone today asked me if I wanted to read Smash Mouth's "All Star" translated into Aramaic and then back to English. The answer to that question is always yes.
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    Text - Translation back to English: There was one who said unto me that the universe was going to cause me to tremble, That I am not the sharpest cutting implement in the storehouse She had the appearance unto me as a stupid one, With her finger and her thumb In the frame of a Greek gamma upon her forehead Behold, the years begin coming, and do not cease from coming. Fed unto the axioms, and I fell upon the earth and ran. It was not acceptable if not to live for the sake of pleasurable things.
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    Text - Your brain increases its wisdom, but your heart increases its stupidity. A great amount to do, a great amount to see, Therefore, there is no difficult problem if we take the streets of the backside. You will not know if you do not go. You will not shine if you do not glow. Behold currently! You are entirely a star child! Begin your power! Go! Laugh! Behold currently! You are a master of the music! Begin your singing! Acquire your wages! All that sparkles is gold! Comets alone shatter the
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    Text - Isaac Mayer Published on Aug 21, 2019 It's real, and I did it. Lyrics if you want to sing along: ההיא דאמר לי דעלמא קאדל לאונוךי .ךאנא לא חךפא סריפאבא?לבא סןות ךמיאלש לאילו טפש תא תה דידה לונה דידה א דנמא על הפותה דידה הא, שניא שרן למיתי, ןלא נייי מימיתי .מאכיל לכלליא תופל על אעא ורהטי או הןא ניסא אלא למיסוי בדיל תחמוךא ך דידך מתחכים, ברם לה דך מיטפש סגיא א למסזי ו. לא קשיא אם אל א י אח!ךא לא תידע אילולי דתיזיל .לא תדנח איללי דמפהיק !הא אידא ר כוקבא בורמר ץיל! חוך א נא" אות ךרב זמרא רי שי
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    Here's the performed version from the guy who translated it.


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