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Smart Monkey, Sharpens A Rock And Uses It To Crack Its Zoo Enclosure

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    This monkey, a Colombian white-faced capuchin, was seen desperately smashing a sharpened tool rock (used for cracking open walnuts) into the glass walls that kept it in captivity.


    Tourist Mr Wang told Daily Mail, "The monkey was sharpening the stone, then it started hitting it on the glass."

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    It's unknown was triggered the monkeys distress, besides being in captivity.


    Tian Shuliao, Zhengzhou Zoo staff member, told local media: "This monkey is unlike other monkeys. This one knows how to use tools to break walnuts. When we feed walnuts to other monkeys, they only know to bite it. But it had never hit the glass before though. This is the first time. It's toughened glass, so it would never have got out. After it happened, we picked up all the rocks and took away all its 'weapons'."

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    Onlookers watched in amazement as the glass shattered from the monkeys sheer force.

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    "The monkey scared itself away, but it came back to take another look and even touched it," added tourist Mr Wang.


    Zoo officials said the glass will be replaced and they would increase patrols to make sure a situation like this doesn't happen again. 

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    Text - Top fan +1 Kent Lordwell The glass shatters easily with a minimal force coming from the monkey. It's because the glass is still made in china. 42 Follower anniversary Andrei Zabala We witnessing how evolution takes place Follower anniversary Marfil Ethereal Coñejos "We apes together strong" 16 Top fan +1 Isaac Alonzo The monkey knew it wasn't gorilla glass 2
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    Text - Follower anniversary Joebert Paul Now that's a great escape plan 107 Top fan +1 Joshua Larry Rama Mañacop Achievement achieved "Stone Age" 26 Top fan Amelia Damayanti The zoo chose thin glass for the cage, not tempered, not laminated Their fault! Follower anniversary Charles Horn he studied how easily he saw the iphones people dropped shattered, did the math 9
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    Text - Top fan Paul Jayson The monkey now recognize the stone as a tool, a wonderful scene of evolution right there It's only a matter of time now.... 176 Dill Snelling Learning from it's visitors... D 397 Follower anniversary Jojo Macapagal Every creature values freedom 245 Top fan +1 Lars Erik Volden Unless it can teach it to others, it doesn't matter. We're not special because we use tools, we're special because we collect and transmit knowledge. 30


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