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Top 7 Pets Trends On The Market

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    Personalized pet treats


    Most of the time, packs of pet treats are designed with a generic photo of a dog or a cat but Superior Farms Pet Provisions (SFPP) is now connecting with pet owners in a new way with its personalized Bark & Harvest Burger Treat bags. Now, the packaging for SFPP's Bark and Harvest Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken Burgers can be customized at no cost with a fun photo of a pet. As well as being a fun way for dog owners to express their love of a pet, the customizable pet treat packaging also has the potential to make a great gift for other pet owners and pet birthday celebrations.

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    Leak Detecting Dog Diapers

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    With its innovative diapers for dogs, Dogginz is on a mission to make the housebreaking process a simpler one that helps a pet make the transition "from puppy to potty-trained." Dogginz is a reusable, anatomically correct and adjustable diaper harness for male dogs that's made with soft, human-grade silicone for easy cleaning. On an inside pocket, pet parents can add dry-wicking, absorbent pads that can be changed as needed. The dog diaper is enhanced with app connectivity and a liquid detection sensor system that monitors a dog's bathroom habits. With this system, Dogginz makes it possible for pet parents to become more aware of their dog's habits so that a regular schedule can be established between pet and owner.

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    Stylish dog hoodies


    This stylish dog hoodie is launched by luxury fashion house Burberry. The product is part of the label's 'B Series' pop-up experiences. These activations capitalize on exclusivity by enticing consumers with ultra-limited edition offerings. In particular, the brand harnesses the reach of social media. Its B Series essentially makes "goods available for just 24 hours on Instagram," making them highly desirable from a consumer's perspective as individuals feel the need to make an immediate decision rather than just wait and sleep on it.

    One of the latest offerings through Burberry's B Series digital pop up is a stylish dog hoodie that boasts the brand's iconic pattern. Much like the aesthetic language of the label, the color scheme of the garment for fuzzy companions employs a warm color scheme of "neutral brown and cream hues."

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    Pet Friendly Washable Rugs


    Ruggable sets itself apart with a two-piece system of machine-washable rugs, appealing specifically to parents and pet parents with households that are especially prone to messes. The brand's system is comprised of an attachable non-slip Rug Pad that remains on the floor and the Rug Cover itself, which can be removed for easy cleaning at home in a standard laundry machine. The kid- and pet-friendly Ruggable Rug Covers are stain-resistant and contain an internal waterproof barrier, allowing for small and major spills to be cleaned superficially with a spot treatment or a deep laundering as needed.

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    Cat friendly apartments


    This Parisian abode, which is given the name of 'Sacha,' is the epitome of a cat-friendly apartment. SABO Projects was tasked with curating the space. The architectural office took a minimalist approach and facilitated a dwelling that is bright, minimalist, modern, and optimized for familial living. The firm had to combine the layout of two adjacent flats to complete the task, creating a more private lower floor for bedrooms and a more connected upper level for socialization. For the cat-friendly apartment, SABO Projects made use of "simple materials like baltic birch plywood, white resin, and the original concrete." Many storage spaces were created, while a striking circular staircase accents the interior in a sculptural manner. SABO Project also boasts cutouts in the doors to allow for the family pet to roam free, without assistance. Its own home is situated in a kitchen cabinet in the cat-friendly apartment.

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    BabelBark Connects Vets, Groomers, Trainers and Pet Owners

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    Caring for the health of a pet requires a multifaceted approach that considers a well-balanced diet, appropriate activity levels, mental stimulation and more—now, BabelBark is being introduced as a digital platform with the first-ever fully integrated two-way pet journaling system. This new feature on BabelVet, BizBark and BabelBark apps gives pet owners the ability to connect with their veterinarian, groomer, trainer, and shelters in one convenient location. 

    With the BabelBark platform, users are able to share messages, receive medical status photographs, get updated on nutritional requirements and much more. As the digital platform is based on two-way journaling, pet owners are able to document their own experiences with a pet and have the data automatically uploaded to a veterinarian, who may be able to detect early warning signs that could be used to improve a pet's health.

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    Recycable flat back pet beds


    The flat-pack dog bed harbors a number of benefits — from a convenience-focused design to stong affordability perks. Rocky Brooks — a graduate from the Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, has attempted to reimagine this canine furniture silhouette for animal rescue centers. The project produces an alternative to plastic beds. 

    Entitled 'Dog Goes Here,' the flat-pack dog bed is made of cardboard. The silhouette can be assembled, following a few easy steps — remove the recycled paper sleeve, unfold the bed into a shape, add bedding, and label the box with the furry friend's name. Rocky Brooks' product is recyclable, embracing the concept of sustainability, and cost-effective, which is surely a concern for rescue centers.

    The flat-pack dog bed comes in three different sizes to satisfy the needs of a variety of breeds.



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