I Can Has Cheezburger?

Stray Cat Becomes First Feline Lawyer

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    Dr Jeanette Laredo shared Leon's story on a popular Facebook group, 'THIS CAT IS E M P L O Y E D'

    Text - DrJeanette Laredo THIS CAT IS E M PLO YED Rugsejo 19 d., 16:44 After a heavy rain, this little guy here seeking shelter from the storm went inside the OAB building ( Brazilian equivalent of ABA, American Bar Association) and decided to stay...unfortunately some people started to file some complaints about the fact that at the reception desk there was a stray cat hanging around and trying to make friends with the
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    Text - newcomers. In order to avoid some new complaints the board gave the solution: Hire the cat as an employe...so, now it's official this little fellow is responsible for welcoming the newcomers (whether they like it or not) Edit: THIS CAT GOT A PROMOTION!! HE HAS AN INSTAGRAM AND IS NOW A LAWYER http://www.instagram.com/dr_leon_advogato 152 Comments 6.4K Shares 19K
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    The news of Leon's employment went viral and now the lawyer cat, who welcomes people coming into the OAB, is famous!

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    Leon even has his own Instagram page dedicated to his antics and animal law.

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    Here is Leon's official badge!

    Cat - AB Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil Secção Amapa LEON ADVOGATO VIGIA DA OAB
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    The handsomest lawyer we've ever seen!

    Cat - AB LEON
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    Leon's on the job, a pro welcomer!

    Dog - a ve
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    According to Dr. Leon, is it possible Leon will have his own office in the future


    "We are finalizing the documents to launch an animal rights institute. It's called Instituto Dr. Leon. Unfortunately, we cannot house all [the animals], so we will fund the NGOs in town. We will be an example for Brazil [to follow]."

    "Today, he is very dear to everyone. Even those didn't like him got used to his presence and have fun with him. His favorite place is President Auriney's sofa; he loves to play with his toys," Dr Leon explained. 

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    Cat - expernendas e )anos instituidos familiares Cisleros mbh. Saciais e de Goemn na beflinta gam ao mercado m sindicatos LEON O VOA DA ON
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    Cat - AMAPA
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    So handsome in his uniform!

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    Lawyer by day, lady-killer always.

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    Nothing gets past this guy!

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    Making sure everything is in order!

    Cat - o CONBEL
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    Cat - dacos IDA IDS Nengebaue Ama Neupebaur At
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    The purr-fect lawyer!



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