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    Suit - Will Smith is SNTCH The cure for the common sentence PG PRETEND GANGSTER SOME MATERIAL MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN adam.the.c
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    Text - Me looking at my bed one last time before leaving for work. @StupidResumes
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    Hair - My boss whenI come out of the bathroom after being in there for only 3 minutes. @StupidResumes You Pooo?
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    Face - My first thought when I wake up on Monday morning @StupidResumes
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    Snapshot - 5'8 guy 5'0 girl explaining he's too short for her
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    Text - beth mccoll @imteddybless remember when i met that guy in the club and i asked what he did and he said "i work in subway" and i spent all night asking about sandwich fillings and different breads and the next day i found out he had actually said software not subway. that was a fun and sexy time for me
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    Face - Amy From Twitt3r @amyisraddd ghosted in october? how festive
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    Product - YouCanCallMeSyr @Bo_Dean_ This man act like he the ONLY person that uses this computer don't nobody wanna see this shit on the WORK computer এ
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    Text - Stand Up Sandbox @UpSandbox Rambo Last Blood tells the tale of a hero entering a new phase of life: menopause 7:46 PM 10/1/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Juulpod @juliaannbennett Today I waited on three 10 year old boys. They orders three virgin pina coladas and when I asked if they wanted food they told me "nah it's just a chips and drinks kind of day" then they tipped me $11 on top of their $11 check.
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    Text - Sean Mitchell @Sean_Mitchell One time I was late to practice and coach made me run laps. My dad was the coach. And he drove me to practice.
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    Album cover - All other girls ever Me My wife
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    Text - jacob @jacobhueneke Science can shut the fuck up Motherboard @motherboard 10/1/18 MOTHER Science says your dog isn't really that special Show this thread >
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    Food - deme @hotcheetoprncss 2d why do british people still eat like they're in the 1800s and don't have electricity BBC Yorkshire @BBCLookNorth Yorkshire, we have an important question. Christmas cake, with or without cheese? Show this thread L37.5K 1,001 187K Rebecca Travis @papimorte Replying to @hotcheetoprncss Why do Americans eat like they have free health care? 5:33-07 Dec. 18 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - jared the ferret @mydogpaige Colleges: we really need you to pay 20,000 dollars this year, we're sorry that's as low as we can make it Me: what if I play the tuba Colleges: Imao that's sick we can give you 60% off
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    Red meat - The reason the meat department fired me... MACO 99 66 М'Ясо 92 новогодняя АКЦИЯ!
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    Stairs - I'm no engineer, but good luck
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    Text - r/Showerthoughts u/shizukun S 11h Doing anything "Solo" sounds way cooler than saying "Alone" Mindblowing 1 Share 7.2k 235 BEST COMMENTS JanMabK. 8h "I'm gonna die solo." Huh. Kinda does sound cooler. Reply 611
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    Text - When you live ina city with a high crime rate but really good BBQ 1/26/2015 First to Review I got stabbed here. The food was fresh and drinks were tasty but I got stabbed here. Would consider going back Was this review.? 器Cool 2 Funny 6 Useful 5 ifunny.ce
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    Dog - Here's a heartwarming scene of a single father raising his two pups. Downright awe-inspiring af. 10/10 for everyone
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    Product - Teacher: You can't take a photo of anxiety Me:
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    Facial expression - Which Steve Harvey are you today? 1.Someone said "penis" 2.Witnessing amurder 3.Someone said"booty" 4.Someone said"boob" 6.Someone said "sex" 5.Getting arectal exam 9.Someone said"poop" 7.Lost phone in Cab 8.popcornin tooth adam.the.creator
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    Text - St. Vincent @st_vincent "All due respect," is a wonderful expression because it doesn't actually specify how much respect is actually due. Could be none.
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    Text - FlatFootFox @FlatFootFox We don't deserve librarians. Pflugerville Library 8 hrs . < ATTENTION there will be no snakes at this Friday's Anti Prom at the library. There was a typo in a local paper that said we will have snakes. We will have snacks. Snacks is what we will have. Not to say we have anything against snakes. In fact, snakes will be at the library in May during the Teen De-Stressing Day: Reptile Hangout, 2D2BEjm. So, just to summarize: April 12. No snakes. 2X May
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    Text - Alice Wetterlund @alicewetterlund Me, in hell: I was told there would be a "special" place for me?
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    Text - Stand Up Sandbox @UpSandbox Why's it so hard to get into my account to pay my student loans? What are you going to do, hack into my account and pay off my debt? Rad 11:30 PM 10/1/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - kayyorkcity @kayyorkcity Me: should I just text him again? everyone: NYCT Subway @NYCTSUBW... 9/23/19 Really can't emphasize this enough: bad, bad, bad idea. Exceedingly dangerous and unnecessarily disruptive. Just please don't, okay? Thanks. Show this thread
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    Headgear - Jemele Hill @jemelehill Cam Newton is either robbing a stagecoach or will be the villain in an upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Bank of Sta Bank of America Stadium ca adium Bankof Sta Bank of A nk of Sta
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    Text - Adrian @SS4Adrian 1d What kind of monster would invent this? New Bubble Wrap Will No Long Pop When You Squeeze It The Huffington Post By Ed Mazza y t2,771 394 14.7K Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to @SS4AD rian Clearly a sign of the apocalypse! 11:42 AM 10/1/19 Twitter for iPhone 814 Retweets 15.4K Likes
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    Text - What my boss thinks "working from home" looks like. @StupidResumes BALL
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    Transport - Julie Amos @famousamos 12 My dad NEVER asks for his picture to be taken. Then today he asks for his pic, and does THE MOST EXTRA dad thing ever.


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