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Man Who Almost Died Opens Successful Family Practice Clinic With Therapy Cats

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    Here's Dr Will Powers with one of his two therapy cats! The therapy cats are all exotic hybrids (Bengals and Savannah cats) who lack the Fel D1 gene in their saliva, meaning that people with severe cat allergies are completely unaffected by them!


    "We recently had a patient who is so allergic to cats that she carries an epi-pen for it come to the office. She got to pet Polaris, and broke down into tears because she loves cats but wasn't able to pet one for almost 30 years. The cats aren't allowed in sterile zones, but otherwise have free reign of the office. (They are fully vaccinated and free of zoonotic infections, and so honestly the doorknob to the office is more of a risk to you than they are)," wrote Dr Powers.

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    This is a unique clinic because it openly welcomes everyone!

    Pink - Nintendo KEURIG

    Dr Powers continues to write in his post,  "We are friendly and cater to the LGBT population, and also have a lot of alt/kink/bdsm, commercial sex workers, porn stars, polyamorous patients, HIV+ patients (which I treat and prescribe PrEP) and other people who feel like they can't be open and honest with their doctor. 

    We also have some cishet whitebread middle class families in the mix too, all are welcome and treated with respect! In short, we don't care what anyone else thinks, just tell us the truth and we will help keep you safe and healthy. "

    Pictured here is a "full size custom arcade machine which pretends to be a yet unreleased title "The Drs. Powers And The Starcats"".

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    And while Dr Powers expected the practice to fully develop its clientele in about 5-7 years, they've been open for only 6 months and are completely full!

    Cat - Yoshi's Island LIFE SUPER NEN ATVO OOM ON

    "We have over 1000 patients in the practice, and we've established a waiting list for people to get on if they want to transfer their care to us. I'm looking into expansion options and hiring some help so that we can continue to accept new patients, but for now, that has to wait. "

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    "The cats have free rein of the office. Also, every exam room has a snes classic in it to play while you wait!"


    "Pictured here is Phoenix Arcturus Powers, the resident Savannah cat, and he works Mondays and Thursdays. He is the half brother of Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, the tallest cat to ever live."

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    "Phoenix basks in the rainbow sunbeams."

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    "Exam room 1, we have special prism film on the windows which produces rainbows when its sunny out."

    Room - TION DO
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    "Phoenix likes to hang out at the nurses station and receive pets from patients passing by."

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    "Phoenix is aggressively friendly, and is very demanding for pets and attention from anyone who approaches him."

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    "Sometimes the therapy cats have received sufficient pets for the day, and need to take a break to their heated bed. "

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    "Lobby big screen"

    Electronics - Cheek Iu r . addrs or lmrs hnges at tbist vhe F-ZERO NISISLAND ONTRA T Dus BARSO O000 2P Menu Suspend Point List GELECT Sort START Start Game SUPER NINTENDO ANI00AL
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    "We have a chalkboard where patients can draw whatever they like. It gets erased on the 1st of every month."

    Blackboard - ART ANNOUNCEMENTS SSID: PFMGUe stWif MilaCayaer SPasswoRo: ahumeruswii Password (au Lower case) CAT SCAN Revie wera here Gogle Us ON Thankyou Dr Pouers STOEWALK CHALK
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    "The lobby and every exam room has multi-chargers in place for your convenience."

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    "Hyperion Procyon Powers enjoying the rainbow sunbeams"

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    "Phoenix works Monday and Thursday, Hyperion Tuesday, and Polaris Wednesday. On Fridays, both Hyperion and Polaris come."

    Cat - 240 20

    See more pics from the world's coolest family practice clinic!


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