Dude Demands Bike For Dirt Cheap, Gets Trolled Like A Chump

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    Text - 7:58 PM 80% o00 AT&T LTE Вack Contact Tuesday 1:36 PM 1 ill give you 50$ and thats the higest ill go
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    Text - Sorry, but that's too much of a low ball offer. The bike is worth 800 and I'm selling for 500, and so the price is firm.
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    Text - it doesnt matter what its worth. what mattrs is how much ill pay for it and so 50$ is what i'll pay take it or leave it
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    Text - Like I said, I'll pass. I just listed this a few hours ago and I'm pretty sure I can get more than 50 bucks.
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    Text - you stupid asshole. i spent the last month saving up the money for a bike just like this and now yoy dont care and wont help anyone other than yourselve, rot in hell f t.
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    Text - Today 1:57 PM Actually, youn know what? You're right. I guess I can help you out. When and where do you want to meet?
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    Text - seriusly? oh good. eb games parking lot later today like at 4/ill be in a red chevy
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    Text - Sound good. See you then
  • 9
    Text - hey where are you 3 hey its been 5 minutes i dnt see you
  • 10
    Text - Running a little late. Be there in a bit
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    Text - ok what the fuck its been 15 minutes are you comnig?
  • 12
    Text - Yeah. Running a little late. Be there is a bit
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    Text - fucking hurry i have shit to do. how is it hard to get here from where you are jesus christ are you in a fucking rowboat
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    Text - Sorry. Running a little late. Be there in a bit
  • 15
    Text - its been 40 minutes im not going to sit here for any loger i drove 20 minutes to be here and you're not even here and now you've wasted an hoyr of my time. youre probably not even coming, are you sitting thre at hjome jacking fof and jerking my chain you stupid f t peice of shit
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    Text - Yeah, Running a little late. Be there in a bit.
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    White - fuck off


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