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Is Dressing Up Your Cat For Halloween a Good Idea

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    It's all about your cat's personality


    Some cats are more outgoing with inquisitive personalities, the need to meet every guest who comes by your house, and the insatiable desire for affection. 

    If your cat is one of those more outgoing types who doesn't scare easily, then it may be fine to dress them up in a Halloween costume, especially if they've been used to it since they were a little kitten. 

    But if you have a more sensitive and skittish cat, you may want to think twice. Some cats shy away from too much contact and can get overstimulated really easily. If your cat isn't the type to relish a lot of pets, and if they run and hide when the doorbell rings, you might not want to make them even more upset by dressing them up. Since it's Halloween, you'll likely get a lot of neighbors ringing the doorbell. So don't make an anxious cat even more upset by adding a costume to the mix.

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    Consider How Your Cat Interacts With The World


    If you try to put a costume on your cat and they resist, don't force it. You see, cats don't just use their eyes to figure out what's going on around them. They use their ears, their whiskers, their tails, their nose, their paws, and even their fur to sense the world and interact with it. 

    A costume severely limits your cat's ability to sense the world around them, which could be part of the reason that they freak out. Just think about it. If you put a snug hat on your cat, they can't hear as well, and their peripheral vision may be limited. This would be enough to make anybody uncomfortable.

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    What type of costume is best for your cat?


    If you have a more outgoing and laid-back cat, and you've decided that they'll be fine with wearing a costume, you should still consider what type of costume is the right choice. Don't choose a costume that's made specifically for a dog and is more constrictive.

    Look for a costume that's looser and won't make your cat feel too overwhelmed. You might even skip the costume altogether and settle for a cute bow tie. Cats tend to get less upset about wearing a bow tie than an entire costume. And let's face it–bow ties on cats are absolutely adorable!

    Whatever type of costume you end up choosing, don't leave your cat alone in it. A cat can get all twisted up in a costume, even a hat, and it can be dangerous!


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