I Can Has Cheezburger?

Reddit Page Dedicated to "Yelling" Cats Is Our New Obsession

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    Took our cat Grandma for a car ride. She took the opportunity to yell at everyone"

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    "Angry at me for disrupting his nap"

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    "She loves to meow at me a bunch to let me know that she’s hungry before she runs to her food bowl"

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    "Most of the time when he opens his mouth, there’s just silence — I caught him making his best Yell, here."

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    "I'm on vacation right now and a friend of mine is watching my cat for me. My kitty is very antisocial and only really likes me - friend sent me this picture of her refusing to get out from under the bed in mid-scream. I love her."

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    "they’re trying to tell me their ancient kitty secrets"

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    "This is Sashimi. She’s yelling about her new cone, which she received after $3k surgery to remove 2 feet of paracode that she thought tasted good."

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    "The littlest yell"

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    "I am not your remote holder"

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    "I looked into the Void, and it screamed at me"

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    "Proud provider."

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    "I had to go to the bathroom at a Cat Café. I got yelled at."



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