Discovering Tree Full Of Unique Owls In Backyard (Twitter Thread)

Imagine discovering a tree full of magical-looking animals right in your backyard. It must feel absolutely magical. Like stepping into a fairytale, Snow White going on a stroll in the woods, walking to a bunch of adorable owls

This twitter thread tells the story of a person who must have felt that exact way, walking into their neighbor's backyard and finding a tree full of the most unique, magical-looking owls in a tree right in their backyard. Personally, having never come across this type of owl before, I would been stunned. A huge group of gorgeous red-eyed long-eared owls are living in their person's backyard, and they are so beautiful it's hard to look away.

twitter thread about someone finding long-eared owls in their backyard thumbnail includes picture of one long-eared owl and a tweet 'Text - ArtofMaquenda Y @ArtOfMaquenda 000 I have something so amazing to share!!! Our friends discovered this tree in the street they live in, a very ordinary street with a tree in someone's garden and it's FILLED with Long-eared owls!!'
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