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Curious Stock Photos That Are Begging For A Backstory

The many idiosyncrasies of the Getty Images AU.
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funny stock photography on how to be a feminist | thumbnail includes pictures of women using boxing gloves and standing on men | WEAR BOXING GLOVES WITH BUSINESS ATTIRE | CRUSH MEN WITH HIGH HEELS

Stock Photography Images On How To Be A Feminist

Feminism 101
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man photoshops himself into boring stock photos | thumbnail includes three pictures of photoshopped images sitting on kitchen pot, watching couple make out, flying with woman

Man Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Boring Stock Photos

The art of making something boring, interesting
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Funny bad stock photos of people's jobs | shutterstock James Felton @JimMFelton "Hey space astronomer, where is space Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles According my latest science, there is space | Kekskobold @c00kiekobold is very important look seductively shortly before hair and gloves get caught drill and cuttings get stuck eyes BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 7:22 PM- May 6, 2018 O 69 Q 27 people are talking about this

Bad Stock Photos of People's Jobs Getting Roasted

"Ah yes, I am a..." *checks stethoscope* ""
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Funny stock photo memes from Instagram account 'Middle Class Fancy' | Nance buys Zesty Italian dressing instead regular Italian Nance know stuff gives tummy ache middleclassfancy | first guy ever have crispy boy probably like drew scanlon white guy blinking

'Middle Class Fancy' Nuggs For Those Who Think Mayonnaise Is Too Spicy

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Funny dank memes featuring 'Hide the Pain Harold' TED talk entitled, "It's a Role Give to Me By the Internet People" | And why do believe deserve be meme decade | my parents ask is memelord

'Hide The Pain Harold' Is Back In This Fresh Dank Meme

Andras Arato, everybody!
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Funny memes about doctors and patients | doctor tells take medicine at 10 but take at 9 so can surprise virus stonks medical meme man helth in white coat | stock photo patient doc hurts touch my shoulder then don't touch that be $60

Doctor Memes For Anyone Trying To Avoid Those Medical Bills

Okay, don't actually skip going to the doctor.
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Nah He Should've Passed

Funny meme where driving instructor asks the student to "turn the car on" to which the student replies, "Umm ok. You like that? You filthy whore"
Via dizzyhuey

Sad Day

Funny meme that reads, "When you see a crunchy leaf on the ground and you step on it only to find out it wasn't crunchy" above a stock photo of a guy looking sad drinking a beer
Via brizz101
memes about periods and menstruation

Eighteen Bloody Hilarious Period Memes For The Ladies

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People on Twitter share inaccurate stock photos of what their jobs look like.

Bad Stock Photos of People's Jobs are Terrifically Inaccurate

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Inaccurate and bad stock photos of people's jobs.

Stock Photos of People's Jobs Are Wonderfully Incorrect

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Hilarious dramatic stock photo memes

14 Stock Photo Memes That'll Put A Big Fake Smile On Your Face

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What A Coincidence!

Funny stock photo meme of a woman named Amanda Lynn meeting someone with a mandolin head
Via berserkface
Funny Monday work memes | Sunglasses - Useless coworker: ugh there are so many people who can't do their jobs properly YEAH KNOW GIF | Person - My face coworker starts acting like supervisor. Please Susan, act wage.

Amusing And Relatable Work Memes To Soothe Those Monday Blues

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surreal and bizarre memes that are just trying to make you laugh in a strange way

14 Bizarre-o Memes That Don't Make Any GD Sense

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