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hilarious continents wtf lesson country city tv shows reality geography dumb reality tv funny stupid - 107437313

The Love Island Contestant Who Insisted Essex Was A Continent

Prepare to lose some brain cells.
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sex ed season 3 tweets | thumbnail text - shi // sex ed spoilers ... @Y4NWEI we must never forget miss ruby matthews carried the entire sex education

Netflix's Sex Ed Is Back For Season 3, And Twitter Is Thrilled About This Season's Shenanigans

Lowkey ship Ruby and Otis
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Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From Movies And TV That Are Both Funny And Fascinating

Even when the reality is not so glamorous, the entertainment industry can seem like a magical place. Looking in from the outside, it's easy to wonder how they accomplish the feats in some of our favorite movies and TV shows, or even what those millions of dollars in production costs get used for. This is why @behind_pics is here, to give us an amusing insight into the process of creating all the pop culture that we know and love. If we can take anything from these behind the scenes photos, it's…
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Women Name Their V's Based On The Last Show They Binged| Thumbnial text - - redsocks2018 1 year ago My 600lb life. Not sure where to go with that. Give Award Share Report Save

Women Name Their V's Based On The Last Show They Binged

Do with this info what you will.
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Weeb Memes for Shameless Anime Addicts

For nerds who have nothing left to watch
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ross and rachel from friends reportedly dating IRL | thumbnail text -JENNIFER ANISTON ... @JenAnistonBabe Rachel laughed at Ross that they met, he flirted and then BAM! 9 years later, he had her, but in reality, Jennifer and David met, flirted and then BAM! 27 years later, they have each other mets Inever really had anything to worry about, Ross was never very good at the flirting thing. What, wha. What are you talking about? Souete Ohh, you know what, no, you're right! We met, you flirted, and

Rumor Has It That Ross And Rachel Are Together IRL And We're Losing Our Minds

The break might really be over
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‘Arthur’ Is Getting Cancelled, So Here Are Some Of Its Dumbest Memes

Meme lovers everywhere, it's time to take a moment. 'Arthur' , the beloved children's show and seemingly unstoppable meme factory is soon to be no longer. After 25 years of gracing our screens, it was announced earlier this week that its next season would be its last. He wasn't "cancelled" it's called accountability and it's necessary. — fashion school dropout (@glamdemon2004) July 28, 2021 As the longest running US children's animated series, the show has made its mark …
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A nostalgic Twitter thread about the obscure TV shows that people remember.

Nostalgic Twitter Thread On Wild, Obscure, And Cursed TV Shows

It's remarkable what can make it onto TV.
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12 tweets comparing arizona robbins to cat | thumbnail picture of arizona and cat meme, tweet text "arizona robbins as cat memes; a thread"

Grey's Arizona Robbins As Cat Memes (Twitter Thread)

Our Favorite Chief Of Pediatric Surgery Channeling Her Feline Side
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funny NCIS hacking scene is very inaccurate

When TV Writers Don't Know What Hacking Is

Great work, guys.
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people's stories of what reality dating tv shows are like

People Share Their Reality Dating Show Insider Knowledge

Wait, they're not real?
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What goes down behind the scenes on reality tv | thumbnail text - airkalen · 2h I was an extra in an episode of Next that was shot at Venice Beach. It took 2 hours for the girl to "Next' 1 guy. This guy would run off the bus then do a couple back flips before immediately getting nexted by the girl. This legit took no less than 25 takes and to this day I'm shocked that guy was able to do so many backflips.

People Reveal What Reality TV Shows Are Like Behind The Scenes

Reality tv is the opposite of reality
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Ellen DeGeneres Ends Her Show, Dakota Johnson Memes Make A Comeback On Twitter| thumbnail text -

Ellen DeGeneres Ends Her Show, Dakota Johnson Memes Make A Comeback On Twitter

'Actually no, that's not the truth. Ellen'
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humor tv shows ridiculous funny Video television - 106723585

Guy Edits Out All The Fluff In "Pawn Stars"

Peace out, fluff.
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Thirsty tweets for Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey | thumbnail text -  Auntie Gay ... @As1z_ Every single day I act like I'm good, I act like l'm okay but deep inside I just really want Jonathan Bailey to take me on a date. 2:12 AM · Apr 1, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Twitter Desperately Thirsts Over Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey (April 7, 2021)

A new beau to burn for in Season 2
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Funny tweets about Netflix and Chill | thumbnail text - Brad Williams ... @funnybrad Dating: Netflix and Chill Married: Netflix and explain who that guy is and what's happening 6:09 PM · Mar 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Redefine 'Netflix and Chill' On Their Own Ridiculously Funny Terms

Netflix and nap, anyone?
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