20 Cosplay Getup's That Had Us Beside Ourselves With Joy and Appreciation

It's no easy business assembling the kind of cosplay getup that pays proper homage to your favorite video game/superhero/anime character, etc without looking plain old ridiculous...but every now and again someone goes above and beyond, and pretty much ends up looking like, let's say Geralt of Rivia, walked off the damn screen.

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    That Moment When the Grey Knights Find Your Cosplay Heretical

    Via: PathToExile

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    This Man Is the Rightful King, of Warcraft Cosplay

    Via: vaxzone
    Oh, just a btw, but this cosplay is actually executed to perfection by Lady Angelus...so perhaps, Queen of Warcraft Cosplay?

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    That Moment When You Realize You Are the Real Life Version of Chun-Li From Street Fighter V

    Via: nataschaencinosa
    Natashca Encinosa has yet to officially cosplay Chun-Li, but she's already taken to her Instagram with promises she has every intention to, one day down the road. 

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    Frost Mortal Kombat Cosplay Is on Point Here!

    Via: tumhona148

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    Tasha Absolutely Nails the Overwatch Tracer Cosplay Getup

    Via: phi303

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    Best. Cosplay. Ever.

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    There's No Strings Attached With This Awesome Ultron Cosplay

    Via: mandal0re

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    Incredible Scizor

    Via: sisusquid

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    Thanos Has Assembled All The Infinity Stones

    Via: cyborgcommando0

  • 10

    It Takes an Army

    Via: Daily Picks and Flicks

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    His Curse Will Become His Power

    Via: absolutezero666

  • 12

    Dancing Dead-Groot

    Via: blackiceball

  • 13

    I Bet This Little Guy Could Take On Some Stormtroopers

    Via: Insydemahed

  • 14

    Cardboard King

    Via: DancinFool82

  • 15

    Cosplay Transcends Age Limits

    Via: AgentKGB
    Dethpicable! I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

  • 17

    Beerus IRL

    This cosplay is delicious!

  • 18

    Some Truly Arresting Nick Valentine Cosplay from Fallout 4

    Via: ArkadiusBear

  • 19

    Borderland 2's Maya the Siren Cosplay Touts an Impeccable Attention to Detail

    Via: Atreides27

  • 20

    No Further Lupin the Third Cosplay Shows How Posing and Subtle Makeup Can Sell the Whole Getup

    Via: Aokage
    Aokage absolutley nails it! Now I need to go watch The Castle of Cagliostro.

    Via: Aokage
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