The Internet Is Scrambling to Figure out What a Mazel Tov Cocktail Is

A surrogate for Donald Trump went on CNN to talk about the imagery in a Jay Z video. It sounds like a great video, people were throwing "Mazel Tov Cocktails" around, according to Scottie Nell Hughes. This left the people of the internet asking, "What exactly is a Mazel Tov Cocktail, and can I have the recipe?"

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    Does Anyone Have the Answer?

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    The Dictionary Was No Help

    Via: MerriamWebster

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    But a Mazel Tov Cocktail Sounds So Good!

    Via: embeedub
    And so punny

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    So It's Up to The Internet to Create One

    Via: AH_AdamHughes

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    Via: SensiblySecular

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    Via: brfreed
    via juscohen, simonwilliam,KoryStamper,

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    Never Fear, There's Already at Least One Version of This Cocktail

    Via: foodrepublic

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    And There's No Doubt You'll Be Able to Order Them in Trendy Bars Everywhere

    Via: pattonoswalt

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    Just Make Sure You Do It Right

    Via: dennisbreen
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