Does Pokémon Steal from Kingdom Hearts?

NeoGAF user botty noticed some things in Pokémon that seem to be pulled straight from Kingdom Hearts.

Here are his findings plus some other overwhelming evidence:

  • Pokémon Amie

    By Unknown
    The sad thing is Kingdom Hearts mode is actually better than Pokémon's because you have to enter two modes (Super Training and Pokémon Amie) to do what Dream Drop Distance does in one.
  • The New Pokémon

    By Unknown
    A lot of the new Pokémon look like Dream Eaters.
  • The Elite Four/Hollow Bastion

    By Unknown
    After plowing your way through Victory Road you get to a fantastical castle. If you ever played Kingdom Hearts, you can't help but think about Hollow Bastion.
  • The Stained Glass Plus Other Plot Points

    By Unknown
    The battle versus Kalos Champion Diantha is a set-piece ripped straight from Kingdom Hearts. There is a Pokémon war just like the Keyblade war. AZ is a perfect misguided Hero/Villain like in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Klefki

    By Unknown (Via: krocf4)
    You mean Keyblade?
  • More Proof from a Prior Game

    By Unknown
  • This is All Too Much

    By Unknown

    By Unknown
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