10 Ways Cats Enjoy Thanksgiving

Turkey Day comes once a year and it's not just us humans that get excited for that bountiful annual feast! Here is a list of cats that are also look forward to the gobbling down some of that delicious bird and tripping on tryptophan!

  • By Unknown
    Cats always look forward to helping you create the most purrr-fect cat-ucopia.
  • By ben
    They will envy a coveted seat at the adult table...they know where the goods are.
  • You'll have to be careful not to let them sneak their way onto the bird bullseye.
  • Cats often get so excited, they'll save a place for the turkey in the oven!
  • Jokes like these will not amuse any friendly feline.
  • They'll try anything to get a bite of that bird...even talking like the pilgrims.
  • They know all the tricks.
  • By chianty
    Is it time for seconds? Absolutely! And thirds, and fourths...
  • When Thanksgiving is over, "Operation Stuffed and Sleepy" will commence....
  • By MattTs
    ...but not before thanks is given with a paw turkey card for you!
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