15 Poor Souls That Have For Sure Already Failed Their 2017 New Year's Resolutions

There's always next year, riight bruh?

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    I'll master my profession

    Via: thevintagekid

  • 2

    I'll do gooder at school

    Via: @Zxndx

  • 3

    I'll concede the apology when I know I'm in the wrong

    Via: Mexicansnapwhore

  • 4

    I'll be better at ordering quality shit off Amazon

    Via: cewallace9

  • 5

    I'll be hella discreet

    Via: @SteffanStorch

  • 6

    I'll remember to close the door while using the bathroom

    Via: snorri_sturlson

  • 7

    I'll stop doing dumb stuff when I'm tired

    Via: @webster

  • 8

    I'll pay more attention to detail

    Via: @IamRavindu

  • 9

    Annd if I'm failing at paying attention, I won't make it obvious

    Via: @grgmell

  • 10

    I'll quit with forcing my opinions on other people

    Via: MuzzleBlast

  • 11

    I'll be far less pedantic

    Via: @atbobb

  • 12

    I'll only spin a lie, when it's absolutely necessary

    Via: @juliereynaxo

  • 13

    I'll stop getting myself in stupidly sticky situations

    Via: @g__guzman

  • 14

    I'll be the ultimate bro to other people

    Via: _

  • 15

    I'll always look for the positive in an otherwise bleak situation

    Via: _
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