8 Conversation-Starting Menorahs

Whether you're throwing a Thanksgivukkah or just-Hanukkah celebration this year, don't dust off your old boring menorah, light up your nights with these guaranteed to be talked about menorahs!

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    A Celebration of Light and Deliciousness

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    By Unknown
    You can basically do this with any delicious treat you can stick a candle in.

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    Wooden Mustache Menorah

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    By Unknown
    This Year Movember and Menorahs are a stylish pair

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    A Menorah For the Jet-Setter

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    By Unknown (Via: yafitglass)
    Talk about your travels. You know you WANT to tell your traveling stories and experiences

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    Don't Be Scared to Branch Out a Little!

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    By Unknown (Via: FrickandFrackScraps)
    Put the MEN in Menorah with this Etsy creation.

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    Reuse Your Recycling and Spray Paints

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    By Unknown (Via: How to Guide on ReadyMade)
    Glass bottles preferred but who's stopping you if you have some of that awesome spray paint for plastics. No one.

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    By Unknown (Via: Gwyn McAllister)
    While you've got your spray paint out, how about using it on some of that left over pasta? Bow-Ties, Fusilli, Elbows, Rotini, whatever you've got! I mean if it's good enough for a Jerry Seinfeld sculpture, it's good enough for a menorah.

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    An Octave of Lights

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    By Unknown (Via: yafitglass)
    Whether you tickle the ivories all year long, or just after long holiday get togethers, this menorah is fitting. Also, it's probably safe to assume Billy Joel has a similar one, right?

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    Celebrate Poolside with this Foam Noodle Menorah

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    By Unknown
    No shoes, just floating and keeping it Kosher in the warm sun.

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