Prepare Yourself For Snow Storm Hercules With These Snow FAILs

Don't be that guy in a snow storm, be the guy watching from under your space-heated Snuggie. Watch these classic winter FAILs and know exactly what to avoid doing while Hercules passes through.

  • Via: Reddit
    and he's staying for a long weekend.
  • Hanging Outside Sounds Fun, But Then Reality Hits You

    it really hits you.
  • Wheeeeeeeee-OUCH
  • If You Get Into Some Trouble, Forget About Trying to Tow Yourself Out

  • Picture by: Triple T
    The Bigger The Vehicle, The More Stuck They Are
  • It Doesn't Matter, Your Car is Covered in Snow Anyways

    Covered/Full of snow.
  • Even When the Your Side of the Road is Cleared, It's Dangerous

  • Trying to Do Chores is Also Risky

    Fast and almost-deadly!
  • But Mostly Though...

  • That'll show Hercules!

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