7 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for a Cheap and Crafty Tree

These DIY Christmas ornaments are almost foolproof, and would make great craft projects for kids. Try your hand at something a little crafty if you're stuck inside on a snow day!

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    Use bottle caps to make adorable snowmen who won't melt

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    Via: One Artsy Mama
    Simply hot-glue some old bottle caps to a strip of ribbon (making sure to make a loop at the top so you can hang them), and decorate your little snowmen with paint. Ribbons, sequins, beads, yarn, and buttons all make for great accessories.

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    Glue together pom poms to make ice cream cones

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    Via: Lines Across
    Make cones out of pieces of construction paper, then add pom poms for ice cream. Glue a loop of string between the last two poms to hang.

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    Use tree scraps to make little wood snowflakes

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    Via: Little Things Bring Smiles
    Use a small scrap of cardboard or fabric as a center/base to hot glue twigs and sprigs together to form lovely wood snowflakes. Finish with whatever buttons or berries you can find.

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    Collect toilet paper rolls for cute cardboard creatures

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    Via: Craft Snob
    Cut a toilet paper roll in half and cover it with construction paper. Use paints, markers, and more construction paper to turn them into whatever you like! Felt or pipe cleaners make wonderful antlers to make your very own fleet of reindeer. If you cover the bottom and make a handle for the top, they can be used as little treat baskets as well.

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    Fill clear ornaments with candies for ornaments that double as a tasty treat

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    Via: sittingatourkitchentable
    Marshmallows, snowcaps, M&Ms, and peppermints would all make adorable and tasty additions to a clear ornament. Decorate the outside with felt pieces to turn them into snowmen, santas, or whatever your heart desires! Want a not edible version? Try pom poms or sequins.

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    Make your own glitter balls with stuff you probably already have around the house

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    Pick your scent carefully!

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    Twist pipe cleaners into simple angel ornaments

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    One large triangle for the body and two smaller triangles for wings plus a bead for a head make a quick and easy angel. Loop a piece of string around the top of the body triangle, then wrap the ends of the wing triangles around it to create a body. Attach the bead, plus a button or sequin for a halo, and you're done!

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