20 WINs and FAILs So Highly Entertaining You'll Almost Forget It's Monday

Ah, the groggy-coated beginning of the week is here yet again. Full of the more unpleasant things in life, like the fact that a seemingly endless supply of coffees have yet to take effect as you feel the dusty gears of your mental motors just now doing away with the stubborn state of sleepiness. Take a breather, force a smile (or not, you do you), and try to lose yourself in the following prime displays of WINs and FAILs.

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    Sometimes life just up and drills you with an entirely unplanned curveball of a shitty situation. This is one of those times. Keep your eyes peeled for the later half of the movie, and brace yourself as you witness what's easily already the most cringeworthy kiss cam performance of 2017.

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