The Best Video Game Related Gifs of 2013

This year in gaming has been a crazy one. We had the release of two new "next-gen" consoles and watched Nintendo release solid game after solid game (3DS and Wii U) and still lose in sales. This is the time we'd like to take a look back at the entire year of gaming gifs. Prepare to be butthurt.

  • Its a Me, Rob Fordio

    Via: Best Roof Talk Ever
  • Everyone is Getting Sick of All the Attention the PlayStation 4 is Getting

  • Death from Above

    Via: DANNYonPC
  • The Classic Spin in Mid-Air Celebration

    Via: Aziz232
  • Who Could Forget the Next Gen Console Wars?

    Via: Polygon
  • NO! Not the PS4! LOVE ME!

  • Germans Storm Stores for PlayStation 4 and Leave Xbox One Sad and Lonely

  • Xbox One and PS4 Resolution Differences

  • People Still Don't Like the Xbone

  • What Microsoft Thought of Gamers in 2013

  • Too Many Console War Memes

  • Link, STAHP

  • The Perfect BioShock Infinite Cosplay

    Via: 1los
  • Very Honorable

    Via: Reutertu3
  • Video Game Lag in Real Life

  • Escaping the Cops Like a Boss

    Via: Niller25
  • FIFA Gets More Hardcore Every Year

    Via: EpicRageGuy
  • Do a Barrel Roll!

  • The 3DS Still Has an Advantage

    Via: lolnein
  • Game of the Year Was a Hard Decision This Year

  • The Next Gen War is Here and it Feels Like Nintendo is Winning

  • That Was Hilarious... NOT!

  • The Future of Gaming


  • The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

  • At Least Ellie Looks Adorable

    Via: lndt
  • Super Mario Dog

    Via: MarLo Meekins
  • I am Here at E3 to Release PIKACHU!

  • Give Me My Series Back!

  • Booker Thinks Everything is Delicious

  • NOPE, I'm Out

    Via: HelixSnake
  • Gaming These Days

  • That's a Promise to Our F------

  • This is Why PC Gamers Call Themselves the PC Master Race

  • LOL Pentakill NOOB

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