It's National Static Electricity Day!

It's winter, the air is dry and it's time to celebrate the wonders of static electricity. So put on some wooly socks, shuffle your feet across some shag carpet and find yourself a big ol' doorknob (or a loved one) to shock.

  • Just What Is Static Electricity?

    By Unknown
    This strange force known as static electricity occurs when there is an imbalance of electrical charges within or upon the surface of a material. This charge is created when two surfaces come in contact and then separate. At least one of the surfaces must have a high resistance to electrical current and thus will act as an insulator. The electrical charge will remain until there is a way for it to discharge itself, like when you touch a metal doorknob and it scares the beans out of you.

    So, just what can static electricity do?
  • Play Pranks on your Pets!

    By Unknown
    Those little packing peanuts make a great electrical insulator and on a nice dry day you can really annoy the heck out of your cat.
  • Become a Water Bender!

    By Unknown
    That's right, channel your inner Korra, and bend the water to your will!
    ...ahem...excuse me.
  • Make a Balloon Follow You Around!

    By Unknown
    Ever wanted a balloon to follow you around like a floating pet? Just rub it on your hair for a while (sorry bald guys). Or, if you've ever fancied having a second head, just draw a face on the balloon and BAM! Now you have a second head.
  • Thor Is the God of Static Electricity!

    By Unknown
    That's right! Lightning is nature's version of shuffling your feet and touching something metal. So, you win nature, I'm way too scared to try and make a static electrical discharge of that magnitude.

    Now, it's time for you to go do some shocking experiments of your own.
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