Tired of Being Single on Valentine's Day?

Think that you'll never find love or happiness, well think again. If these folks can do it then you can too, dammit!

  • Find What You Think Is Sexy and Go Get It!

    By Unknown
    Tired of looking through profiles of people that just don't have what you're looking for? Tired of others judging you? Then just say, "SCREW IT!" And, do what you damn well please. Especially if it involves inflatable critters.
  • Marry a Body Pillow

    By Unknown
    You know what doesn't talk back, and will love you no matter what? A body pillow.
  • Think Even a Body Pillow Would Cramp Your Style? Then Marry Yourself!

    By Unknown
    That's right, give yourself over to the hot, sexy lover that is...you.
  • Does Size Matter? Fall in Love With a Giant Bridge

    By Unknown
    Go big, or go home. I guess...
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