The Best of Mass Effect: Andromeda Memes

In the gaming world, it's no secret that great reputation of a title comes with far greater expectation for the next one. Since the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda in late March, BioWare's fourth and latest installation in the popular military sci-fi video game series has been so far met with its fair share of criticisms and disappointment from the fanbase, particularly surrounding the quality of the main characters' facial animations and rendering. And after the complaints inevitably snowballed into a meme over the last week, the studio finally announced today that a major patch will be released on Thursday to address many of the issues. Until then, here are some of the funniest commentaries from the fans upon the initial release of Andromeda.

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    3D Rendering of Sara Ryder [Fixed That For You]

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    Via: Tumblr

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    Dream Girl

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    Via: Know Your Meme

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    You vs. The Girl He Told You Not to Worry About

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    Via: Funnyjunk

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    Peebee Looks Ssssssmokin

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    Via: Know Your Meme

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    The Making of Mass Effect: Andromeda

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    Via: Wooden Plank Studios

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay

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    Via: Know Your Meme

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    What Is Going On, Cora?!

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    Via: Know Your Meme

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    The Model Behind Facial Animations in Andromeda Revealed

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    Via: Reddit


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    There's More to Life Than This

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    Via: YT Cropper

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    Via: YouTube
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