10 Entertaining Wrong Number Texts Made Unforgettable With Awesome Responses

We've ran a few of these for you guys before, and it'd seem that we share a collective enjoyment for those moments when the universe smiles down upon lucky individuals with the perfect kinds of prank opportunities. Here's the last batch we ran by the way -- here!

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    Bold strategy there

    Guy texts girl aggressively about having sex but it's the wrong number.
    Via: MartholomewMind

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    Hire this dude soon as possible.

    Girl from Hooters texts guy about getting shift covered, and he has hilarious response.
    Via: michaelplatco

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    This may be the best conversation of all time.

    Guy tries to text girl named Tina but ends up texting funny dude with cat who has perfect response.
    Via: coakhead

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    Trynna get on over to a tractor pull too!

    Guy texts wrong number about going to tractor pull event, but still ends up getting stranger to go.
    Via: hump-daddy

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    And they say modern romance is dead?

    Person texts wrong number calling them princess, but still ends up being sad romantic.
    Via: tastefullyoffensive

  • 6

    What do we call this bearded bro then?

    Bearded guy gets wrong number text calling him Wendy, and sends back funny selfie.
    Via: EWW3

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    Every wrong number text is made better by a Nicolas Cage kind of response.

    Person gets wrong number text, but has epic Nicolas Cage photoshop picture response.
    Via: bonafidemanofchaos

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    Looks like so much fun though!

    Person sends out wedding invitation to a bunch of complete strangers by accident.
    Via: People

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    This one was destined for a little shot of cringe.

    Cheezburger Image 9031592192
    Via: Tallon

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    Cheezburger Image 9031591680
    Via: Tallon

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    Wrong number text made perfect by super NSFW response.
    Via: c0pe
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