10 Crazy Drunk Fiends That'll Always Be Too Ready Thirsty Thursday

Not sure if these are inspiring displays of shimmering insanity, or the kinds of trainrekt people that make me never want to drink again. At least the glory (horror?) stories make for a wildly entertaining ride, oftentimes chock-full of booze-induced, blissful chaos. 

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    Phenomenal interruption we have going on right here.

    Via: @9NewsQueensland

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    Valiant effort, kind of. Actually no, not at all.

    Guy tries to login to online banking account, fails repeatedly, texts the auto-response back drunk response.
    Via: @fart

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    Ahem, highly functional drunk. Bravo, mom

    Mom gets drunk and tries to align potatoes in size order.
    Via: @MariusPole

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    At least she was throwing someone love..

    Lady gets drunk and ends up asking Gatwick Airport Facebook page if they're okay.
    Via: @annievicvic

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    Should probably get that checked out tho

    Girl spends goth-themed party crying in closet.
    Via: @csydelko

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    Mom sends group text out to kids about how someone put vodka in little daughter's sports bottle.
    Via: @lydia_ruben_13

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    If I were the mom I'd give her a pass for the inevitable laughs that ensued here

    Girl sends terrible photoshop of her sleeping in bed to try and convince mom she's not out partying.
    Via: @FreddyAmazin

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    This madness (borderline psychopath drunken note) never gets old...

    Drunk dude writes serious rage letter to himself on notebook paper when he's passed out.
    Via: @Tarryntino

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    OR, this is why you do...

    Drunk person ends up buying giant bird when they're blacked out.
    Via: @ShervinSinatra

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    You've got my vote!

    Genius decides to seal off wine bottle with water cap and believes they should be president now.
    Via: @scritt_
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