The Difference of How Cats and Dogs Show Their Love

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    They Lean On You...Literally

    Via: Mom.me

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    They Sleep Next To You

    Via: Pinterest

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    They Let You See Them Pee

    Via: 9gag

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    They Follow You Everywhere

    Via: Mom.me

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    They Wag their Tails

    Via: TasteFully Offensive

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    They Lick Your Face

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    They Comfort You When You're Not Your 100%

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    They Smile At You

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    Shockingly Cats Cats Show Their Love A Little Differently...

    Via: Reddit

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    They Head-butt You

    Via: I Heart Cats

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    They Are Kneadyyy

    Via: a-z-k-a-b-a-nn

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    They Make Sure You Know, That They Are Following You Around

    Via: Pinterest

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    They Give A Gentle Love Bite

    Via: Giphy

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    They Bring You Presents

    Via: Tumblr

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    They Make Sure You See Their Belly

    Via: Pinterest

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    Sometimes They Let You Kiss Them

    Via: anewhigh

    Only sometimes though.

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