Top 10 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #3

Two weeks ago we started a tradition and since then we received more memes from you guys across all our categories (and not only Lolcats or I Has A Hotdog)   

Here are the ten that got the most votes  last week, go to our Builder and Keep'em coming! (And don't forget to vote) 

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    Hold on!!!

    Funny cat meme of kitten holding on to not fly off the rotating Earth.

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    Ur fired!

    Arrest cat - the catfather

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    Groucho Marx quote meme about black cats.

  • 4

    My burfday list

    Funny meme of cat at a computer listing off his birthday list.

  • 5

    Can't You See?

    Funny meme of a sleeping cat meme.

  • 6

    Hyacinth would serve tea cakes & little finger sandwiches a loving salute to the brilliant "Keeping Up Appearances"

    Funny meme of a cat sitting at the table waiting for service.

  • 7

    "Hey! Let's go to the cat races"! SAID NO ONE EVER!

    Funny meme of cats that are ready to race but probably won't.

  • 8

    It may already be too late

    Funny meme of a cat yelling at a cat-shaped cookie to run before they eat it.

  • 9

    What else do you need?

    Funny cat meme about cats asking what you need to pack from the inside of an open suitcase.
    (recaption http://tinyurl.com/ksrp67e)

  • 10

    Cats In Black

    Funny meme about how black cats are way better than a pug.
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