Twenty-Two Terrible Tuesday Puns

You got a whole week ahead of you, these atrocious puns might help. 

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  • 1
    Puma meme of corny jokes for puns going to ruin his pants.
    Via: Really Corny

  • 2
    funny meme of a cat with money all over him and a horrible pun about getting paid.
    Via: Pun Cat

  • 3
    Very cute otter meme pun.
    Via: Otter Pun

  • 4
    Pun about remotes on a cat who doesn't find it funny at all.
    Via: Remote Funny Cat

  • 5
    Pun meme of a bear at a picnic table
    Via: Bearly Memes

  • 6
    Lame pun owl meme of joke about sodium.
    Via: Owl Puns

  • 7
    Giraffe pun meme
    Via: mashable

  • 8
    Meme of frog who had his car toad - terrible pun
    Via: Pinterest Cache

  • 9
    Meow pun cat
    Via: Meow Cat

  • 10
    Meme of a pun told by an alpaca
    Via: Alpaca Pun

  • 11
    Dog complaining about puns using an even worse pun.
    Via: Dog Meme

  • 12
    What is a mound of cats, a mewontain
    Via: Really Corny

  • 13
    funny cat with his head stuck in bread, captioned as a pun about him being inbred.
    Via: In Bread Cat

  • 14
    funny pun about steaks never been higher with a cow eating up hemp plants
    Via: Meme Super

  • 15
    Funny meme pun of a cat that looks like he used to be a pirate.
    Via: Pirate Cat

  • 16
    Unbearable pun with a bear with his fist in the air.
    Via: Animal Space

  • 17
    Terrible pun of cat who used to make the greatest Joe on earth when he was in the circus.
    Via: Pun Cat

  • 18
    Chemestry joke owl cat.
    Via: Owl Puns

  • 19
    Meme of a pun about seal and silly sound same.
    Via: so silly

  • 20
    Ibex you won't find puns better than this one.
    Via: Ibex Pun Meme

  • 21
    Jaguar dancing pun meme.
    Via: Moves Like Jaguar

  • 22
    Pun of a cat giving the Vulcan salute.
    Via: Cat Meme Pun
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