Fresh N' Funny Memes N' GIFs Of The Month

Hand-picked best-of memes of dogs, cats and other animals for good ol' clean furry fun. 

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    Funny snapchat meme of a cat looking puzzled at a wooden fake raven bird.
    Via: Cat and Fake Bird

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    Dog likes his shadow

    Funny GIF of a dog playing and jumping around his own shadow.
    Via: Figth Milk | We Heart It

  • 3

    That little one is his deer

    Cute meme of a deer resting on the forelegs of a gentle large dog.
    Via: Funny Memes

  • 4

    Kitty is on a roll

    GIF - Silly cat rolls right off the table and falls to the floor.
    Via: GIF Cat Roll

  • 5

    Best. Dog. Party Ever.

    Some awesome pictures of what looks like the best dog pool party ever.
    Via: Dog Party

  • 6

    You Will Yawn Too

    GIF of puppies yawning that will make you yawn too.
    Via: Puppy GIFs

  • 7

    When she says she is calm already

    Funny meme about relationships and a dog barking at another who just doesn't know what to do.
    Via: Dog Memehttps://i.chzbgr.com/full/9032417536/h026E3EFF/

  • 8

    Kermit Gets Me

    Dank meme of Kermit the Frog looking in the mirror, captioned with me wanting to start eating healthy but also want to treat myself one last time.
    Via: Dank Memes | eBaum's World

  • 9

    These are for you [OFFERS FLOWERS]

    Dolphin meme captioned that the boat is in his living room.
    Via: Dank Memes | eBaumsworld

  • 10

    Dog Family Reunion GIF

    GIF of a family having a nice Thanksgiving reunion dinner.
    Via: Dog GIFs

  • 11

    Totally worth it if it works.

    Funny meme about interviewing by submitting just a bunch of dog pics
    Via: 21 Fresh N' Funny Memes

  • 12

    He had his paws all over her...

    Funny meme of a puppy dog in a small pink convertible with Barbie and he is all over her.
    Via: Hilarious Memes

  • 13

    Cat Sinks, Therefore He Is

    meme of a cat in a sink, with a pun about sinking.
    Via: Cat in Sink

  • 14

    Time to make the doughnuts

    Funny large bulldog meme saying good by to his puppies as daddy goes to work.
    Via: Bull Dog Meme

  • 15

    No Thanks Dog

    Meme of a dog on a couch having a heart-to-heart about why you never lick him back.
    Via: Dog Feelings

  • 16

    You do the same thing, admit it.

    Funny pic of a dog on the back of a bike, at first puzzled, then realizes you are taking a pic and smiles.
    Via: Smiling Dog Pic

  • 17

    Works 9 out of 10 times

    How to catch a cat explained using boxes and a picture of very large cat, probably a cougar.
    Via: Big Cat In Box

  • 18

    Angry cat wants some answers

    Meme of a cat on your mac computer and asking why you have pics of other cats.
    Via: Computer Cat

  • 19

    Reads slower than a statue, that one

    Cat meme of kitty reading a book with a statue who is like the slowest reader ever.
    Via: Cat Books

  • 20

    You gotta wonder how much cat food he has

    cat pleading that you don't shoot, as he puts his paws in the air, telling you he has lots of catfood if you want
    Via: Kitty Catfood


  • 21

    Kitty can't make any exceptions

    Cat meme of kitten stopping the dog from entering before presenting some ID.
    Via: Kitty Bouncer

  • 22

    That is the last one folks, hope you enjoyed.

    last image in the list of funny memes and GIFs - meme of the word UGH atop a building
    Via: Instagram Memes

    This the last meme of this list,

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