Top Ten Cat Pictures of The Week

Our advanced algorithm kittens say these are the best of all the cat pictures that made it onto interwebz this past week. 

Kitty Algorithm Factors:

  1. Does it meow?
  2. What is this fur?
  3. Does this CAT PICTURE make me forget what I was doing?

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  • 1

    Dooo nOoowt beee hypnoottiizzzed by ma eyes

    Furry cat standing on a TV stand with paws politely in the front.
    Via: Handsome Cat

    Furry little king-of-the-jungle style kitten with hypnotic eyes on someone's TV stand. 

  • 2

    Ahhhh! Save Me! Its Monday!

    furry white kitten with his hands raised as if in a defensive position
    Via: tumblr

    Furry white kitten fighting off the impending doom of the coming Monday.

  • 3

    Bucket Full of Kittens

    three cute kittens looking upwards at the camera from their bucket
    Via: We Heart It

    Did anyone order a bucket full of kittens? 

  • 4

    Cat wants a slice of the good life.

    Fresh pizza pie and bottle of coke on the kitchen counter and a cat in the window outside, looking at that pizza.
    Via: Pizza Cat

    Pizza fixes everything.

  • 5

    Snap Cat

    Wise old happy cat with halo of hearts augmented onto his face using snapchat.
    Via: data.whicdn.com

    We've seen this wise old furry white cat a bunch of times, but someone added a heart halo so that changes EVERYTHING.

  • 6

    This kitten is my spirit animal

    cat posing as if for a calendar shoot, and then sticks out his tongue.
    Via: data.whicdn.com

    When I have to channel my spirit animal, this is the place my heart goes.

  • 7

    Three Amigos Cats

    three very cute white kittens on grey carpeting
    Via: I Can Has Tumblr?

    Three cat friends standing in formation. They probably want a treat.

  • 8

    Too Much Cuteness

    Very cute kitten with adorable look on his face.
    Via: WHICDN

    Cuteness overload. Kitten can not hand the self cuteness. 

  • 9

    Kitty Eyes

    Cheezburger Image 9038810624
    Via: Alex | We Heart It

    This one is just a cool picture of cat's eyes.

  • 10

    Cat Bottles

    cat bottles
    Via: The Pastel Alien

    Bottles with cat styled cut-outs 

  • 11

    Sculpture of a Cat Drinking Wine

    Cat drinking the wine bottle - sculpture for sale on Amazon
    Via: Amazon Wine Gifts

    Well, not a real cat in this photo, but a sculpture of a cat for holding wine bottles that is sold on Amazon. What makes it funny is that it does look like it might be a real cat from this angle, and at the very least the start of a big mess. Also, cats should never drink wine. 

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