Cats Love To Hide, And We Know Where! (16 photos)

Ever gone searching for your cat? Has it taken hours and then they just appear out of nowhere and you will never know where they have been hiding? And then you get frustrated because your like "Why are you hiding in your own house!?" Well, no one knows why but some theories have said that cats are frequently hyper-alert, even while dozing, so an enclosed hiding place may also allow them to relax and feel secure. 

Well, here are some of cats favorite hiding places in case you need to search for them again!

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    In Bed Sheets

    Cat hiding in bed sheets that is found by another cat

  • 2

    Under anything

    cat hiding under the rug and the black cat is a bit suspicious

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    They like to cozy up with a good book

    cat hiding in a book case

  • 4

    Music soothes them... and its dark

    Cat hiding in a guitar

  • 5

    On a warm day they also need a bit cooling off

    cat hiding in the freezer drawer

  • 6

    Any box... anywhere... anytime

    cat hiding in a fridge inside a case of lite beer

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    Be careful the next time you want to play Pool! The holes are dark, cozy and warm... the perfect combo for cats

    cat hiding in the corner pocket of a pool table

  • 8

    All snuggled in to the point you can't move.... that's a rain boot all right

    cat hiding inside a boot

  • 9

    They are one with nature

    Cat sleeping in a rectangular flower pot
    Via Mnn

  • 10

    Bags... All Bags. Shopping, Purse, luggage, THEY LOVE THEM ALL

    cat hanging out in a plastic shopping bag
    Via Imgur

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    Obviously cats have evolved and now make hammocks under the couch.

    cat making a hiding hammock out of the inside of the couch
    Via Pinterest

  • 12

    Anything warm, and in any inconvenience is the best safe spot for them

    cat taking a nap passed out atop a laptop computer
    Via Pinterest

  • 13

    Before doing another load to dry clothes, please watch out for furr balls that may have been left from the first dry.

    cat hiding in a washing machine
    Via Pinterest

  • 14

    When in doubt, look in the most obvious spots...

    little black cat hiding in a girl's hair
    Via Reddit

  • 15

    Like beds

    Cat taking over the entire dog's bed
    Via Pinterest
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