10 Reasons Why Horatio Caine Was the Punniest Character on TV

If you're not a fan of Horatio Caine's trademark sunglass-donning intros, then maybe you should learn to... (puts on sunglasses) deal with it.

  • Horatio Caine's intro works for EVERY CASE.

  • No, seriously, it ALWAYS works.

  • Don't believe me? Well...

  • See? Sunglasses make everything better.

  • The best punmasters know this, and that's why it gets parodied all the time!

    By jackflannery (Via: Reddit)
  • Like, seriously all the time!

  • It's an art form, really.

    Damn right you better frame that ish!
  • Now that the show is done, someone really ought to avenge Caine's legacy.

    By jackflannery (Via: Reddit)
  • Because there's no denying it's really quite SMASHING.

    By jackflannery (Via: Reddit)
  • What I'm trying to say is: Horatio Caine puns are all timeless classics.

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