The Ultimate Compilation of Dad Jokes

As Father's Day approaches, let's take a moment and appreciate Dad Humor.

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    Know a new dad? He'll need this.

    Via: Anything about nothing

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    And so it begins.

    Via: Know Your Meme

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    While the "Hi, Hungry, I'm Dad!" bit is certainly a Dad Joke staple...

    Via: Homebot

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    ...it's certainly not the only tool at Dad's disposal. The skilled Dad can slip a Dad Joke into an emergency call...

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    ...or a note at the office.

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    As you can see, many Dad Jokes share the same basic premise.

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    Bonus points if the deliberate misunderstanding can be used to obtain a favor...

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    ...or convey a playful jab.

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    Puns are another vital component of Dad Humor.

    Via: Dump a Day

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    You could do a whole series of webcomics on Dad Joke puns.

    Via: @SWatercolour

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    Via: S**ttyWatercolour
    You can see more at SWatercolour.

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    Advanced move: combining a pun with a deliberate misunderstanding.

    Via: S**ttywatercolour

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    As kids get older, Dads can make their jokes a little dark...

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    ...or off-color.

    Via: jungwildeandfree

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    A kid may roll their eyes when a Dad Joke makes them think that their own maturity level has surpassed their father's.

    Via: imm.io

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    But Dad should keep on plugging along. While it may not seem like it at first...

    Via: Fubtrick

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    ...kids really are taking Dad's lessons in humor to heart.

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    Soon they'll start following in his footsteps.

    Via: Pleated Jeans

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    Because no one forgets a good Dad Joke.

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