9 Cat Weirdos That Are Strange Enough for The Friskies!

The Friskies are coming in September and there are going to be some pretty peculiar contenders for their "Strange" category. We all know that felines have a way of behaving pretty oddly from time to time. Here are a few cat videos that we think are bizarre enough for a Friskies nomination!

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    Cats Can be so...Helpful

    Via: sweetpea377
    Nobody believed this youtuber when she said, "...so one night as I'm standing there brushing my teeth after my shower, this one decides the top of my head would make a great spot to chill out and groom herself and, well, it's now become a routine…"

    Well, thank goodness for video cameras!

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    That's Quite the Attack Technique...

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    I Can't...Stop!

    Via: tamaonyada
    This funny cat is completely obsessed with batting at paper. Is it just me or is there something oddly satisfying about watching this kitty. I understand you, little guy...I understand.

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    I Think He Got'em...

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    My Broccoli!

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    USPS Doesn't Need to Worry About the Snow and Cold, They Need to Worry About This Cat

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    It's Just Better Not to Ask Why...

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    My Cat Broke

    Via: Maria Scaplen

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    You Don't Want to Get Attacked by This Shark on a Roomba

    Do you have a great video that you think is worthy of the 2014 Friskies? Click here to enter and good luck!
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