Everybody Loves Surfin... Even Dogs!

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    I am all ready!

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    Family of Pro Surfers, making it loot too easy...

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    Getting some air!

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    Transfixed on the movement of the waves

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    This Pug is ready for his morning yoga session on the water

    Via: Petssync

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    Lets Go To The Beach!

    Via: ctbonvivant

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    That one that always regrets which wave they took

    Via: egotvonline

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    The second pug has the right reaction when friends say this should be fun...

    Via: buzzfeed

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    Ok! Lesson is doneeee, can we go in the water now??

    Via: sunfrog

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    OMG, Something touch my paw!

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    And he's doing it! He's mastered the downward facing dog with riding the wave!

    Via: Dale And Karen Photography

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    Dude, are you even paddling?

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    This is how Cali's do it.

    Via: socalbeachesblog

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    Just waiting for the next set...

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    Wait... why is my board so small?

    Via: ruinmyweek

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    Duddddde, surfin is the best!

    Via: worldofbulldog

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    sometimes just playing in the sand is fun too!

    Via: seasidestyle
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