15 Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week

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    Stephanie Ortiz asks on Twitter after watching Friends with her kids asking if people really talked so much in the 90's, because they didn't have cellphones back then.
    Via: @Six_Pack_Mom

  • 2
    Spacedmom asks in a tweet if it is OK to clean before a party and then just keep the kids in straightjackets til the guests arrive?
    Via: @copymama

  • 3
    Simon Holland hides the ice cream like it was a joint when daughter wandered in after being put to bed.
    Via: @simoncholland

  • 4
    Tweet of parent asking kid how come he knows Harry Potter's birthday but not dads.
    Via: @XplodingUnicorn

  • 5
    Dad and Buried tweets on how to use Netflix to get some extra sleep.
    Via: @DadandBuried

  • 6
    Funny tweet about what to do if you accidentally spill some red wine on your kids homework.
    Via: @Wine_Honey1

  • 7
    Brutal meme about makeup
    Via: @OhGraveRaven

  • 8
    Twitner is Coming posts about imagine loving your wife's curvy body so much you didn't have to talk about it on social media.
    Via: @OhNoSheTwitnt

  • 9
    Mischievous Mike points out some ecosystem contradictions about his kid sleeping with a teddy bear and a stuffed whale.
    Via: @mstern68

  • 10
    Boyd's backyard funny tweet about wife lying that not all women know the operating hours of all stores.
    Via: @TheBoydP

  • 11
    The Bearer of Dad News tweets about how if you hold a sippy cup to your ear, you can hear the sound of a toddler crying for more Juice.
    Via: @HomeWithPeanut

  • 12
    funny post by Tormented Hot Dog about the bittersweet joy of parenting when your 4 year old picks the bathroom lock to tell you his favorite color is a number.
    Via: @Tormented_AF

  • 13
    Kate Hall tweets about how it feels when exiting a kids birthday party is like that scene in Shawshank redemption where Andy Dufresne finally reaches freedom.
    Via: @KateWhineHall

  • 14
    ValerieGirl tweets about telling the kid to not eat like a dog and use a fork, kid points out that you always tell him to try new things, parent gives permission.
    Via: @ValeeGrrl

  • 15
    Amanda tweets about how she lets the kids stay up 4 hours late so that she can get 3 more minutes of sleep in the morning.
    Via: @amandajpanda
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