10 Ways Peter Dinklage With a Mullet and a Laser Cannon Can Get Even Better

It'd be fair to assume that nothing gets more awesome than a mulleted Peter Dinklage running with a laser cannon. However, you'd be wrong. If you think this photo is incredible, check out what the internet has done to make this badass pic even better!

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    The Original

    Via: ZincHead

  • 2

    Duke Ninklage

    Via: hotsaucetran

  • 3

    Only a Mullet Like That Could Handle the Flying V

    Via: doctorfunknasty

  • 4

    Guardian in the Front, Party in the Back

    Via: DeadbyChapter2

  • 5

    This Wise Man Has the Power

    Via: CptSasquatch

  • 6

    Judgement Day is Upon Us

    Via: Reddit

  • 7

    Have a Sip of Future Technology, Peasants!

    Via: ThaGuvNa

  • 8

    Shotgun...I Mean Flippin' Laser Cannon!

    Via: poisonstings

  • 9

    You Like the Taste of Brains? Have a Taste of my Laser Bullets!

    Via: toxicviking

  • 10

    Dammit, Tyrion! What are You Doing?

    Via: CatbirdOnAStick

  • 11

    If it Bleeds, We can Mullet

    Via: donnerkebabparty
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