8 Geektastic Things For Your Pi Day Celebration

It's March 14, which means that today is the day to celebrate everyone's favorite non-repeating number! Click through to see eight sweet Pi WINs and celebrate some more over at School of FAIL!

  • First, let's not forget why this number is important in the first place with a video:

  • Everything clear? Then treat yourself a tasty Pi-related snack!

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
    Via: Reddit
  • Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
  • And don't forget to tip your server, of course.

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
    Via: rtqek
  • You remembered to wear your Pi love, right?

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
    By Unknown
  • But maybe don't go overboard, like this guy and his iPad:

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
  • Or this sky-writing pilot:

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
  • Instead just kick back and relax with a nice puzzle!

    Pi Day,nerdgasm,pi,pie
    Via: Neatoshop
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