Cat In Suit Mean Business

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    I see you think tardiness is okay.

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    Via: RageagainsttheSons

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    I'm going to need those documents by tonight.... they look comfortable

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    Via: everteal

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    Sir, What are you making for lunch?

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    Via: BosWandeling

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    You think you can just park there? Do you know who I am?

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    Via: BootheDeafKitty

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    Does this tie say "Proud citizen or Just American"

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    Via: chalkinparis

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    Carol! Hold my calls, I found where that laser is hiding.

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    Via: Eylisia

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    Hmmm, it's an interesting proposal, we will get back to it Monday morning.

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    Via: Hetoxy

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    Omg, Is this meeting over yet?

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    Via: 1000meeting

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    Darling... You said 5 mins 30 mins ago.

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    Via: wafflesthemeow

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    How to spot an intern

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    Via: anfea2004

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    I see you are not understanding this whole breakfast before work thing.

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    Via: jylcat

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    Mom! What do you think of this shirt? Too Hipster?

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    Via: kiviakgin

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    I'm the boss.

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    Via: butterteam
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