5 Crazy College Traditions

College is a place where you are supposed to go learn. But, really it is a place where you go do a lot of stuff naked and drink a bunch. Universities truly are a place for higher learning.

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    University of Michigan's HASH BASH

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    Via: Her Campus
    Since possession of marijuana is only a minor infraction, it's a pretty safe bet even the most timid weekend smoker wouldn't mind turning out for this shindig.

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    The Ohio State Mirror Lake Jump

    Via: A Hole in the Internet
    Want to jump in a freezing lake wearing your finest undies? Then head on up to Ohio!

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    UCSB Halloween

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    Via: Mustang News
    Each year tens of thousands of people come to celebrate Halloween in and around UCSB. In California it has become the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. In fact, it gets so out of hand that UCSB actually sends out warnings to out-of-towners to stay home during the festivities in order to help maintain some law and order.

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    Tailgating at Duke University

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    Via: Duke Chronicle
    This is a tradition that actually no longer exists. In 2010 a teen sibling of a Duke student was found in a port-a-potty passed out. After that infamous incident Duke put the ol' kibosh on the tailgating. Sadly, the last class to take part in the tailgating graduated this past year, so this tradition has now passed into legend.

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    The MIT Pumpkin Drop

    Via: Andres Rios
    Another fall college tradition, MIT students drop pumpkins from the top of the Green Building. But this isn't just a drunken college event. These nerds can calculate the force of impact pretty darn accurately.

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